My name is

Travis Lien.

I'm a video post-production specialist of 6+ years providing world-class editing, VFX, motion design, and animation work for creative projects and marketing for major brands.

Director & Editor.

Motion Designer.



Travis Lien.

I've been making videos professionally for six years. After graduating from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Film, I started work in creative marketing for TV before moving to Las Vegas and joining the UFC as an editor in their originals programming arm. I have a deep love for creative storytelling and strive to tell stories about creating art, breaking gender barriers, and what motivates and inspires us to succeed at our craft.

I've been a director, writer, cinematographer, and VFX artist. My passion is post-production. I love the challenge of figuring out how to create a certain animation or effect. I'm fluent with Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Blender, and use them daily in my workflow. I'm passionate about creative work and would love the opportunity to connect with you to learn about how I can help your project succeed.

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Other Projects.

UFC Fight Flashback: Gastelum vs. Adesanya

TV Episode

Lead Editor

UFC Fight Flashback is an Emmy-award winning series offering an enhanced replay of the sport's biggest fights, featuring never-before-seen footage. As lead editor on this episode, I edited two segments and oversaw the final assembly and quality control. Fight Flashback is a challenging and rewarding show to edit, using specialty cameras and audio to retell a memorable fight from a brand new perspective.

Full episode available on ESPN or UFC Fight Pass.

Impact Gaming | Inspire

Web Series

Director, editor, producer, camera

Impact Gaming was one of 15 teams competing in the H1Z1 Pro League, a 20 week tournament for the world's best H1Z1 Battle Royale players. The roster would live together in Las Vegas for the duration of the tournament, and Impact wanted a skilled video producer to capture their journey.

I showed up with my gear and immediately got to work on Inspire, a docuseries on the team from my unique embedded perspective. While they struggled to find their footing in competition, the pro players were great to work with, forged strong bonds with myself and one another, and never stopped trying. And even though the tournament came to an abrupt end, I'm proud of the work I did on this series as a first time esports video producer, and the fans we gained along the way.

Fear None: Football Season with the Richland Bombers

TV Series

Director, editor, producer, camera

"Fear None" was a concept I pitched while working at KNDU-TV. Rob, the sports anchor, made a strong case for the Richland High team to make a championship run during the upcoming football season. I drafted a concept for a TV series that would air on SWX, highlighting the team as a promising state championship candidate, and following them through the season. After getting the green light, I balanced my full time commercial duties with shooting hundreds of footage with the team and editing it down into a 6 episode series that captured their state championship run. "Fear None" aired on KNDU's sports network SWX for six weeks, about a month following the end of football season.

The Fight Life | UFC and P3

Partner Featured Series


"The Fight Life" is a series of lifestyle oriented videos focused on the life of a UFC fighter or personality outside of the cage, and is built from a custom shoot with the fighter alongside any appropriate archive and fight footage. I edited episodes featuring Aljaman Sterling, Donald Cerrone, Maurice Greene, and Paul Felder.

UFC: Profiles in Combat

TV Series

Lead Editor, "Michael Bisping" and "Max Holloway"

"Profiles in Combat" is a UFC series that summarizes the careers of the sport's biggest legends. Editing this show involves searching through hundreds of hours of UFC fights, specialty footage, and interviews, in addition to research and knowledge of the sport. I edited the episodes on Michael Bisping and Max Holloway. Available on UFC Fight Pass.

UFC: The Walk

TV Series

Fight Segment Editor

The Walk is a UFC series recapping the fight camps of both athletes leading up to their legendary clash in the octagon. I served as fight segment editor on the episodes Cyborg vs. Nunes, Miocic vs. Cormier, and Shevchenko vs. Eye. Some episodes available on YouTube, all on UFC Fight Pass.

UFC 252: Miocic vs. Cormier 3



Social promo for UFC 252: Miocic vs. Cormier 3, recapping the results of the first two fights between former UFC two division champion Daniel Cormier and then UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic.

UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy



Social promo for UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy, teasing the return of former two weight champion Conor McGregor against UFC veteran Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.

UFC Fight Night: Till vs. Masvidal



ESPN promo for UFC Fight Night: Till vs. Masvidal.

UFC Fight Night: Benavidez vs. Figueiredo



ESPN promo for UFC Fight Night: Benavidez vs. Figueiredo.

Disabled Veterans of America | Veterans Day Feature

Partner Feature


UFC partner feature for Veteran's Day. UFC athletes met with members of Disabled Veretans of America, an advocacy group fighting for benefits and support for disabled US veterans. I edited the piece from a shoot that took place at the Nevada State Veteran's Memorial, and sit down interviews with DAV members and fighters.

Impact Gaming: Growth Holdings House Tour

YouTube Feature

Producer, Editor, Camera

Impact Gaming acquired housing for their H1Z1 roster as part of a sponsorship deal with a company called Growth Holdings. As a sponsorship fulfillment to them, we delivered this house tour video showcasing the team lodgings. While I directed, shot, and edited the video, Blank's incredible personality and natural humor were what brought it together. This became Impact Gaming's most watched video with 26K views.

Impact Gaming: Player Profiles

YouTube Series

Producer, Editor, Camera

For Impact Gaming, I produced a series of 9 biography style profiles of players (and one manager), branded "A Closer Look." We started with the original Impact roster plus team manager Senshu, and expanded the series to include new roster member Tipsy, as well as three Impact Gaming prospects who ultimately did not join the team due to the league cancellation.

The Ethernaut

Short Film, Spokane International Film Festival

Writer, director, editor, visual effects, and music.

"The Ethernaut" was my senior capstone film at Eastern Washington University, a personal story I chose to write and film as my final student project. It screened at the Spokane International Film Festival and went on to become a Student Academy Awards selection. Although it did not win, I'm proud of the film as an example of the skill and craft I put into creative and personal storytelling.

Modelo | For Cleveland

Partner Feature


I edited this Modelo feature about their partnership with Rebuilding Together, which is a nonprofit providing housing and community amenities to those in need. Together with former UFC champion Stipe Miocic, they rebuilt a struggling Cleveland community gym. I edited the piece from three video shoots, highlighting the gym before, during, and after the renovations, and getting interviews with the gym owner and Miocic.

UFC | Shang Chi

Partner Feature

Motion Graphics, Editor

In Aljamain's Corner

Partner Feature

Motion Graphics

A series of videos about UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling and his experience undergoing a surgery. I was asked to design motion graphics for the piece. The title animation was created in After Effects based loosely on the HSS color scheme and general brand look.

KNDU-TV | Sunday Night Football Promo

TV Spot

Producer, Editor, Motion Graphics, Camera

While working at KNDU, I was asked to create a unique promo for the primetime news slot after Sunday Night Football. The shoot took place over an afternoon and was edited together later that week. The Seattle Seahawks reached out having seen the spot and provided the station with two tickets to a SNF game (I wasn't offered either).

UFC Performance Institute | Chinese Olympic Team Feature

Web Feature


The UFC Performance Institute sometimes assists athletes outside the world of combat sports, such as the Chinese women's olympic rowing team, who visited for a few weeks in 2019 to train and utilize the facility's world class equipment. I edited this feature for using interviews and specialty footage of the athletes training with Forrest Griffin to tell the story of why they chose UFC and how their training was going.

Assault Fitness | Performance Institute Reels

Web Feature

Motion Designer, Editor

Assault Fitness is a fitness brand with a focus on specialty equipment for athletes. For this feature with UFC champion Brandon Moreno, I was asked to edit and design a graphics treatment for a series of fast-paced workout videos. I created the title treatment in Blender, modeling the UFC Octagon and lighting it with neon red to look similar to Assault Fitness's brand identity.


Short Film, Spokane International Film Festival

Writer, director, editor, visual effects, and music.

"Trio" is a music focused short based on an assignment to tell a story with a single line of dialogue. It screened at the 2016 Spokane International Film Festival where I received the Most Promising Filmmaker award.

Big Feet

Short Film

Director, Editor, VFX, Music

"Big Feet" was made for the Klink's 48 Hour Summer Film Challenge.

Tri-City Water Follies 2017

TV Spot

Motion Designer, Editor

The Tri-City Water Follies is an annual hydroplane racing and air show event that brings tourism to the Tri-Cities area each summer. For the 2017 Water Follies, I was asked to design a graphics package for the show and its promo material. The final animation was completed in just under a week using After Effects and Element 3D.

SWX | Overtime Promo

TV Spot

Producer, Motion Designer, Editor, Camera, Drone

SWX was the branding for the Spokane / Tri-Cities, WA area sports network operating out of KHQ-TV. I was asked to produce a promo for Friday night football on SWX Tri-Cities. The text and graphics were created in After Effects, and I operated the camera and the drone for the talent shoot.

Animation Showcase

Motion design, Visual effects, Animation, Graphic design

I'm a self-taught visual effects artist of 12+ years with 6 years of professional experience incorporating 2D and 3D animation into my video projects. The primary tools I use are After Effects, DaVinci Fusion, and Blender.

Sweet Sweat | Brandon Moreno

Partner Feature


This was a social media announcement for Sweet Sweat, a workout supplement brand, in partnership with UFC. Sweet Sweat wanted a simple, dramatic video with an emphasis on their theme of being willing to put in hard work and to literally sweat. Production held a custom shoot with UFC champion Brandon Moreno sparring with a bag as the basis for the piece. I sourced archive footage of Brandon training and treated it in After Effects. I recreated the punching audio in post, and designed a simple endpage in line with their creative direction.

Episode 1: New World Blues

The team settles into Las Vegas, where personalities clash. Mistakes are made on the H1Z1 Pro League's premiere night.

Episode 2: 1V2

The team finds a laundry solution. Bloodinfernoo's mom comes to watch him play live for the first time. The team tries to bounce back from opening week.

Episode 3: Game Plan

A bad week forces the team to rethink their strategy.

Episode 4: The Rut

As communication continues to falter, the team makes a big change in an effort to stem the problem. qtVenom adjusts to his new role within the team.

Episode 5: The Nicest Ravioli in Town

CBKFlame adjusts to life in Vegas. Blank and qtVenom discuss a challenge. Changes come to the Impact roster.

Episode 6: Opening New Doors

The team settles into their newly-acquired house. Tipsy's arrival creates a new sense of comradery among the team.

Episode 7: The Gap

Spirits rise after a high-placement match. The team deals with the aftermath of a controversial league ruling. Frustration manifests in different ways.

Episode 8: GGs and Goodbyes

The Impact H1Z1 team reflects on Split One. Friends and family come to Vegas to visit the team. Bloodinfernoo bids farewell to his teammates.

Fear None: Episode 1

After losing the state championship game, the Richland Bombers return to the field with a fresh start, and a determination to make it back to the dome. Cade Jensen steps into the role of quarterback, taking on all the responsibility and pressure the role carries with it.

Fear None: Episode 2

Members of the Richland High community say why they are "proud of the cloud." Josh Mendoza pushes his team to strive for greatness. Coach Neidhold explains why he has to eat a red velvet cookie before each game, and the speech they listen to in the locker room.

Fear None: Episode 3

The Kamiakin Braves look to defeat the Bombers on homecoming weekend in one of the division's most heated rivalries. Lineman Rene Marin seeks to redeem himself after getting kicked off the team for a conduct violation.

Fear None: Episode 4

Coach Neidhold and Coach Graff are best buddies off the field, but all bets are off when their teams come head to head in a conference championship eliminator. Adam Weissenfels reflects on his time as a Bomber as the team looks ahead to a championship run.

Fear None: Episode 5

The state championship is on the line as Cade Jensen leads the Bombers through a tense matchup with football powerhouse Gonzaga Prep.

Fear None: Episode 6

The Bombers face another undefeated team in the state championship. Coach Neidhold gets a surprise visit. Rene Marin reflects on overcoming his personal obstacles. The team holds one final practice at the Seattle Seahawks' training facility.